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Good fortune awaits those who receive the spark. This is tradition met with innovation.This is Kiribi.

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Your Journey Awaits.

The origins of Kiribi lay in the traditional Japanese practice of casting sparks upon a traveler’s back, imparting fortune, warding away evil, and blessing them on their journey. The practice hearkens to the famous 8th-century legend of Prince Yamatotakeru, and the aunt who gifted him the firestone and striker that saved his life on perilous travels.

“Every spark, whether it is struck for a pipe or a cigar, or a chance-met stranger’s cigarette, leads us upon a little journey of our own, with a bit of extra good fortune.”

In time, the same simple tool kit that was used to perform the original Kiribi came to be used by the countryfolk of Japan to light their pipes; hence the inspiration for the Kiribi line. All acts in life involve an important first igniting step; enjoying a bowl from your favorite pipe is exceptionally so. Every spark, whether it is struck for a pipe or a cigar, or a chance-met stranger’s cigarette, leads us upon a little journey of our own, with a bit of extra good fortune.

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Tradition + Innovation

The Kiribi lighter combines smart, retro styling with modern improvements in engineering. Innovations such as a dual-flame design, which provides the benefit of a wider, more gentle light for your pipe, and a single-tank construction of extraordinary fuel capacity.

Meticulously hand assembled in Japan, Kiribi construction is immediately recognizable from the substantial heft of high-quality created by nickel, steel, and brass serving in all the essential parts. The confident snap of the flame-cap is provided by yet another innovation, a spring made of a special polymer more resistant to fatigue even than steel.

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Styles + Sizes

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Merging functionalist design with Art Deco-inspired aesthetics, the Kiribi Tomo is a reliable lighter and pipe tool all in one sleek package. It features a folding dottle pick and tamper combination tool housed within its own compartment, with a separate fuselage for fuel. The Kiribi Tomo is available in vibrant, spring-appropriate palettes like blue, orange, and red leather varieties, as well as a dressy gold and an understated black matte for something a bit more.

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The traditional winged battle helmet worn by the samurai class, the kabuto, has served as a metaphor for intent, focus, and determination for centuries. The Kabuto lighter pays homage to that tradition in the gesture of the wing-like cap toggle: a direct reference to the fukigaeshi (crescent-like wings on the side of the kabuto). It's available in both standard and "short" sizes, as well as a variety of finishes such as black matte, modernist black nickel, elegant silver satin, black leather, white leather, pinstriped black, pinstriped silver — and now Tsuchime (hammered) finish.

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Mikazuki, in its literary sense, refers to the waxing crescent moon, and has been the subject of countless haiku and senryu for centuries. The Mikazuki lighter merges this tradition with iconic Art Deco styling, honoring the Mikazuki motif with sleek twin crescents, formed in relief by the chrome finish of the base and ignition platform. This style is available in both standard and "short" sizes, as well as either a red sateen or an elegant black matte finish.

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The Kiribi Takara combines all the modern engineering and Art-Deco, retro-chic style found in the popular Kabuto line, only now with a bold, textured finish. Etched with the Kiribi logo and iconic giant squid on opposite faces, these striking lighters are sure to turn heads.

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Kiribi's Kenshi, meaning "sword wielder," is an angled pipe lighter with double flame for softer, wider pipe lighting in a sophisticated art deco style. The Kenshi is a horizontally smaller model than Kiribi's other pipe lighter offerings, for even easier pocket carry and convenience.

Using Your Kiribi

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Fill only with premium lighter butane.
Fill slowly and never overfill.

  1. Hold the lighter upside down, vertically.
  2. Push the nozzle of the refill canister into the fill valve firmly.
  3. Upon the first appearance or sound of any spray-back, the lighter is filled.

Ignition: Open the cap and rotate ribbed flint striker wheel.

Flame Adjustment: Turning the flame adjustment screw in a counter-clockwise direction (+) increases the size of the flame. Turning it in a clockwise direction (-) decreases flame size.

Changing the Flint: Turn the flint screw in a counter-clockwise direction, remove the screw and spring from the flint tube, and insert new flint. Reinsert the spring and screw into the flint tube, then turn the screw in a clockwise direction until firmly seated.